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Often relegated to attire either for little girls’ tea parties or burlesque performances, feather boas are actually a fashion accessory with superpowers. The beautiful boa is anything but humble and there’s every reason for it not to be. If you think boas are only for costumes or fashionistas, think again. The following are 5 reasons to wear a boa (and why it really does have superpowers).

  1. Boas make people smile. Put on a boa, any type of boa, and walk into a room. Odds are pretty good that at least some of the people in the room will smile. There’s just something about a boa that is like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day.
  2. Boas feel good. When you put on a boa, try not to start stroking and petting it. Go on – try to stop yourself. Bet you can’t. The feathers feel so silky and soft, they are a sensual adventure in and of themselves. When you walk through a room wearing a boa, you can’t help but sashay.
  3. Boas bring people together. Whether it’s a tea party or a bachelorette party, if everyone in the group is wearing a boa, two things are going on, guaranteed: one, everyone is having fun and two, everyone feels like part of the group. Boas have the power to unify those who wear them and that’s no small feat.
  4. Boas break down barriers. If you’re at a conference or trade show, you might walk past several vendors without speaking or even making eye contact. If those vendors are wearing boas, it’s a sure thing that not only will you stop and chat at least for a minute or two, but chances are there’s also a bit of a crowd and everyone is laughing and having a good time. The boa has the power to engage people who would otherwise be guarded.
  5. Boas are empowering. Bloggers and professional coaches are tapping into the power of the boa, discovering that wearing something soft, pretty and whimsical makes it possible to be yourself and shine in a way that might not be otherwise. Boas give you the permission to be silly yet bold, to stand out in positive way.

Perhaps more than anything else, boas bring fun back. They inject excitement and fun into pretty much any situation, whether you’re at home folding laundry or speaking to a packed auditorium. If that’s not a superpower, I don’t know what is.

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